Texte AlternatifThe Fast Track Beauty program is a unique selection of dip-ins packaging that can fit any Beauty segments: lip treatments, glosses or lacquers, face concealers, eyelash or eyebrow care and color. Its strength is to offer best-in class applicators paired with qualitative standard packaging; all being produced in record lead times, locally and with low minimum order quantities (from 5,000 pcs). The current range offers 28 applicators: 16 fiber and 6 plastic mascara brushes, 3 lash care options, one eyebrow and two flocked applicators. The bottles and applicators are manufactured in Albéa Bottanuco (Italy), Albéa’s worldwide center of excellence for mascaras, lipgloss and eyeliners applicators. “This additional PCR option is a logical evolution towards a more responsible packaging”, says Laura Boroni, Market Manager Colour Cosmetic Eye at Albéa. “With our Fast Track program, we are able to provide brands with small quantities without compromising on sustainability or identity thanks to our secured volume of recycled material and our decoration expertise.” In addition to the classic decoration techniques such as hot stamping and silk screening, Albéa Fast Track now offers nearly unlimited decoration options and all requested finishes to enable the full customization of the product: colored or clear varnishes, matt finish, thermal metallization and more.

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