Texte AlternatifAnd to meet the production needs coming from the markets, IMA Group has recently launched IMA Premium Delivery, a service designed for faster production and delivery of spare parts compared to those that are usually standard times. Within the IMA factories, fast-tracks lines have been created with cutting-edge technologies and skills, such as to allow the Group to produce faster, and deliver even more quickly a series of spare parts to customers who subscribe to the Premium service. Customers must check which spare parts are included in the Premium package by contacting the IMA production divisions concerned. The Service will be activated while maintaining the high-quality standards that have always distinguished the Group’s technology and know-how.

A service conceived, that of IMA Premium Delivery, which in addition to the advantages related to a quick recovery of the production lines, also sees a reduction on the customer side of the costs of managing materials in the warehouse and administrative costs, but above all key support for the achievement of an ever-greater production efficiency. The launch of IMA Premium Delivery is also accompanied by the creation of a new Logistic Hub, strategically positioned not far from the Group’s headquarters. The new Hub follows the requests of customers on the Italian market but, through a continuous expansion of its logistics capacity, is increasingly able to meet the needs of materials for the production of customers abroad.

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