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The kit provides retailers on-demand packaging supplies to quickly ship orders to local consumers from store locations during peak ordering times, allowing stores to bypass their logistics centers.
Particularly helpful to retailers during the holiday season when logistics hubs are bogged down by massive amounts of orders, HexcelPack’s Store in the Box™ can be ordered by both smaller, single-store retailers as well as larger, multiple-location stores with quick turnarounds, avoiding long lead times.

HexcelPack products included in the Store in the Box™ kit are:
MiniPack™: Conveniently dispensed in a compact, fully-recyclable box, MiniPack™ utilizes the company’s signature product, HexcelWrap™, which converts extensible paper into a three-dimensional, internationally patented cushioning product by making precise cuts at specific angles. This method makes the paper “flex,” expanding its volume while maximizing the strength and stiffness of its fibers, creating a superior cushioning product proven to outperform environmentally-harmful product protection alternatives – including plastic-based bubble packaging and pillows. Hexcel’ope™: The Hexcel’ope™ is HexcelPack’s answer to the bubble envelope, which is every bit as destructive to the environment as bubble itself. The Hexcel’ope™ mailer is made using the same patented, slit paper technology used in HexcelWrap™. All HexcelPack products are “curbside recyclable” which means that they are ready, as is, to go to the recycling plant with no pre-recycling steps necessary.

Fil in a Box™: HexcelPack’s innovative design that dispenses HexaFil™ void fill in a recyclable corrugated box. With the same hexagon design and slit paper technology as HexcelWrap™, when HexaFil™ comes off the roll, it spirals just like a helix creating the bulk required for efficient void fill. When used in combination with HexcelWrap™, both materials naturally interlock ensuring that items packed will be nestled together in a stable position, less likely to shift during delivery.

Benefits of HexcelPack’s Store in the Box™ include unsurpassed product protection, sustainability, ease of use and all-in-one packaging solution.

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