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Each of the components in this collection features a refillable design with measured carbon emissions reduction targeting different categories of beauty.

• Refill Revolution Airless Pens: Features touchless, sensorial and integrated applicators that reduce carbon emissions by up to 60% after three refills. The applicator options include a cooling metal roller ball applicator for spot treatments and eye serums, a triple micro roller ball applicator for targeted eye and lip treatments, and an oval brush applicator for concealers and liquid complexion products.
• Refill Revolution Multi-Use Face Stick: A patented, award-winning design that produces 72% fewer GHG emissions after three refills when compared to a standard, non-refillable face stick of the same size and shape. Additionally, this component features a multi-purpose, direct-apply design that produces minimal refill waste and can be made with PCR content.
• Refill Revolution Multi-Use Body Stick: A patent-pending, award-winning design featuring an intuitive, easy-to-use refillable system with a mono-material refill cartridge and the option to add PCR content. This component reduces GHG emissions by up to 71% after three refills and is an ideal option for body care, personal care and hygiene products, and skincare.
• Refill Revolution Powered Up Pump: A keepsake design that preserves formula integrity, is easy to refill and has the option to add PCR content for increased sustainability claims.
• Refill Revolution Refill & Go Bottle: A portable, compact design that can be easily refilled and taken on the go. With this component, the options for refilling are endless, and it can be used for a wide range of cream or gel-based formulas in color cosmetics, skincare, body care, personal care and haircare.

“This collection of intuitive refillable packaging was designed with components that could be used across all categories of beauty to show brands the possibilities of applying a refillable program to their existing line,” said Michael Tognetti, Global Sustainability Senior Director, WWP Beauty. “Using our Eco-Analyzer tool, we have generated validated sustainability claims and carbon emissions reduction percentages to show our customers the sustainable impact refillable packaging has.”

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