Texte Alternatif

The division actively buys used Gasti and Hamba filling and sealing machines, overhauls them, brings them up to date and then sells them as used machines. This gives customers the opportunity to purchase a machine with original parts from the manufacturer and state-of-the-art technology at a much lower price and a shorter delivery time. Customer-specific wishes for the machine, such as new cup formats, the use of sustainable packaging materials or additional applications such as cup leak detection, are already taken into account in the offer and project planning phase and the customer receives a tailor-made solution for their requirements. Gasti was already able to record initial sales successes in the fourth quarter of 2021. Two used Gasti filling and sealing machines, a Combiseptic 81 and a Contitherm 82, were sold to a customer in Russia. The customer will use the machines to fill cream and stirred and set yoghurt into various pre-formed PP cups.

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