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Marchesini Group Beauty, the brand that brings together the Group’s cosmetics technologies, will also be present at the fair, where it will showcase solutions for filling and packaging tubes, jars and bottles, machines for producing lipstick and a small laboratory, specially set up at the stand: this will create a direct link between the two events, while also offering customers a pick-up service.

Texte AlternatifDuring the days of Open House, visitors will discover the latest products from its leading brands:

- complete lines for filling and packaging jars, tubes and bottles;
- an area dedicated to technologies by Axomatic (picture), a brand that designs and manufactures turbo-emulsifiers, tube filling machines and cosmetic filling machines;
- a make-up area devoted to Cosmatic, a brand that produces machines for packaging lipstick and filling cosmetic powders; - the innovations developed by Dumek, a historic company specializing in process solutions, which recently moved into the new facilities of the Headquarters in Pianoro (Bologna);
- primary packaging solutions, designed for dermo-cosmetic applications, by Corima, a division of the Group that is an Italian leader in sterile product filling;
- areas reserved for secondary packaging technologies including those produced by the Marchesini Group and V2 engineering, as well as the new labelling machines designed for the cosmetics sector, produced by the Neri division. Products by Rinova, which specializes in refurbishing customer-owned Marchesini Group machines, will also be on show;
- the latest products by SEA Vision, the Group’s partner specialized in vision systems, and by Vibrotech, a company that manufactures infeed and orientation systems used in automated industrial processes.

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