Texte AlternatifThe line has been configured as a block, integrating the blow moulding, application of a Plasmax protective liner and the filling operation. The German company's top priority was to avoid excess recycled resin in a preform, to manage the variability of rPET. "Failure to manage rPET variability results in non-compliant bottles and creates downstream problems, such as jams in the labeller due to tilting," says the company. Thanks to granular control, powered by algorithms, the Process Pilot machine is able to counteract these irregularities. To optimise quality verification, Eckes-Granini has also installed Agr's Pilot Vision+™. The vision-based quality management system examines the sealing surface, sidewall and base of the bottles as they leave the mould. Any non-conforming bottles are diverted from filling, preventing product from being wasted and preventing them from reaching the market. Eckes-Granini has installed Process Pilot in a KHS Series IV stretch blow moulder with reheating, which produces around 30,000 containers per hour. Design elements such as a long neck, dimples, or embossing adorn the fruit juice manufacturer's rPET bottles.

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