Texte AlternatifThe Omani company has decided to venture into the flexible packaging sector with Reifenhäuser and Comexi, with the intention of investing a large percentage of the Sultanate’s market share. For this reason, Madayn Plastic has acquired a Comexi F2 ML flexographic press, a Comexi ML2 Evolution laminator, as well as a Reifenhäuser Blown Film. The three machines will be installed in the facility that the company is building in Sohar. Companies in the Middle East that are interested in Comexi’s technology will be able to view the flexographic press and the laminator. This project, led by RMEA, reinforces the successful relationship between Reifenhäuser and Comexi, which has been a great success in India, for many years, and now extends to the Middle East. "The investments of Madayn Plastic Company in Comexi and Reifenhäuser machinery will allow the Omani company to produce a substantial amount of flexible packaging within in the country," says Oriol Rabert, a Comexi Area Manager in this region. The Comexi F2 ML printing machine is the ideal response to market demands, in reference to large format jobs, such as those of the polyethylene market for wrap around, hygiene, as well as the majority of pet food sizes.

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