Texte AlternatifIt uses a third of Finland’s recycled cardboard packaging as a raw material, including beverage cartons and barrier-coated packaging such as paper cups. Stora Enso separates this barrier coating from the fibers in the recycling process for full fiber recovery. Stora Enso has just invested in its containerboard mill in Varkaus to expand capacity. In addition, innovation in materials goes in the direction of total recyclability. Its dispersion coating technology thus presents itself as an alternative to traditional PE coated materials for catering board. For Stora Enso Aqua and Aqua+, its dispersion coated products, Stora Enso has built a new line, in Forshaga, Sweden. At the same time, the company launched UltraThinPE Tec™ which it presents as the thinnest polymer coating (less than 5%) which facilitates recycling with other paper and cardboard packaging. These initiatives support Stora Enso’s strategy to be fully circular by 2050.

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